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Microdata Frequencies by Province

Province Database Case Count Published Total*
Prince Edward Island108,911108,891
New Brunswick321,248321,233
Nova Scotia440,560440,572
British Columbia48,88549,459

* With comparisons to published totals from The Census of Canada, 1881, Volume 1, (Ottawa: Maclean, Roger & Co., 1882), Table 1, Areas, Dwellings, Families, Population, Sexes, Conjugal Condition.

Note: The case count for some sub-districts in the 1881 Canadian Census database is slightly greater than the totals included in the published census statistics because the database includes some linesthat were subsequently crossed-out by the enumerator and not included in the 1881 tally.


The database includes an excess of 1,051 persons over the number of Ontarians listed in the 1881 published census statistics. This is largely because there are two Ontario communities in which there are 914 more people in the database than are noted in the aggregate statistics, sub-district "f" Newboro Village (in District 110 Leeds South) and sub-district "i" Hastings Village (in District 123 Northumberland East).


The published 1881 census statistics reports 372 more persons living in Quebec than are included in the 1881 database. This is largely because the sub-district St-Simeon in District Charlevoix, microfilm reel C-13209, was not microfilmed.


The published 1881 census statistics list 563 more persons in District 184, d-1 St.Agathe and 577 more persons in District 186, e-1 Western Extension than are in the database presumably because those pages omitted from microfilming. We have included all pages from the microfilm for all sub-districts in Manitoba.

British Columbia and the Territories

All pages from the microfilm for B.C. and the Territories have been entered into the database. Some pages contained summary notes about native populations rather than a personal enumeration; these summary figures are reflected in the published 1881 totals but not in the database.

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