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1852 Oversampling Strategy

The 1852 Census of Upper and Lower Canada:
Proposed Oversampling Strategy, and Discussion

This document explores possibilities of conducting rural oversamples in the 1852 Census of Upper and Lower Canada to compensate for large portions of the census which are missing from the manuscript record.

Question: would it be reasonable to attempt to compensate for the absence of missing rural sub-districts and divisions by oversampling neighbouring sub-districts and divisions which bear similar socio-demographic characteristics?

  1. Description of missing data
  2. Description of flat sample
  3. Selection of "donor" sub-districts
  4. Reaction by prof. Benoît Laplante, Institut national de la recherche scientifique — Urbanisation, Culture et Société (INRS)
  5. Reaction by prof. Gordon Darroch, Institute of Social Research, York University
  6. Reaction by prof. Kris Inwood, Departement of Economics, University of Guelph
  7. Reaction by prof. Micheal Haan, Departement of Sociology, University of Toronto
  8. Comments by Lisa Dillon, Département de démographie, Université de Montréal
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