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1852 Documentation

The 1852 Census of Upper and Lower Canada

The Département de Démographie is now host to the 1852 Canadian Census Project, which is preparing a 20% sample of the 1852 Census of Upper and Lower Canada. This sample will include 259,101 cases. A beta version of this sample is disseminated from this site.

The 1852 census was the first modern Canadian census which enumerated Canadians at the individual level. The 1852 census database will form the first point of observation on Canadians' behaviour in a census microdata series which includes the census years 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901, as well as 1911, 1921, 1931, 1941 and 1951. The 1852 Census will also serve to close the period of observation covered by the "Registre de la population du Québec", which will eventually encompass all births, marriages and burials of Catholic Québecois from 1624 to 1852. Since most of the census schedules for Canadian cities in 1852 have been destroyed, this database will best serve researchers interested in rural Canada. The database will include oversamples of rural census sub-districts which are adjacent to sub-districts which are also missing.

To view a sample of the 1852 census of Lower Canada District #27, sub-district #358, follow the links for page 1, the second side of page 1 and page 2 and, the second side of page 2 and page 3.

To read discussions of the proposed 1852 Canadian census oversampling strategy, please visit this link.

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