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Project Tasks

March 7, 2002: The LDS CD-Rom set of the 1881 Canadian Census (an index designed for genealogists) was distributed by the LDS. Lisa Dillon sent to the LDS the names and addresses of volunteers who helped with Phase 1 of the 1881 Canadian Census Project, so they would receive their copies of this CD-ROM set.

May, 2002: Research assistants Samuel Rousseau (Dépt. d'Histoire, Université de Montréal), Sarah Hayford (Dépt. de Démographie, Université de Montréal and Dept. of Demography, University of Pennsylvania) and Cheryl Desroches (Dept. of History, University of Ottawa) were hired to work on the 1881 Canadian census microdata. They were funded by the North Atlantic Population Project.

May 27 & 28, 2002: Information about the 1881 Canadian Census Project and the North Atlantic Population Project was distributed at the Canadian Committee on History and Computing's Third Annual Computer Demonstration and Poster Exhibit, Canadian Historical Association Annual Meeting, University of Toronto.

September 22, 2002: Lisa Dillon delivered a talk about the 1881 Canadian Census Project to the British Isles Family History Society conference, National Archives of Canada, Ottawa.

October 4-6, 2002: Lisa Dillon, Chad Gaffield and Samuel Rousseau attended the North Atlantic Population Project workshop in Grundsfjordur, Iceland, to discuss progress of their work on the 1881 Canadian census database and the Canadian Century Research Infrastructure.

December 2002-January 2003: We worked on a major update to the 1881 Canadian Census Microdata, adding coded versions of the occupation, religion, ethnicity, birthplace, sex, marital status and province variables to the data and making certain other technical changes and clean-ups so that the data is more easily imported into SPSS. The data is currently held in a relational database format in Microsoft SQL Server software.

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