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1881 Canadian Cencus Geographic Organisation

The 1881 Canadian Census micro database features all the geographic information which was included on the original census returns:

Census District Number
Census District Name
Census Sub-District Letter
Census Sub-District Name
Census Division Number

The 1881 Canadian Census Project devoted a great deal of time to correcting geographic information on the raw 1881 file, using the National Archives of Canada's index to the 1881 Canadian Census as a guide.

Prince Edward Island Reels 13162 to 13165
Nova Scotia Reels 13165 to 13177
New Brunswick Reels 13177 to 13187
Québec part 1 Reels 13187 to 13191
Québec part 2 Reels 13192 to 13195
Québec part 3 Reels 13196 to 13206
Québec part 4 Reels 13207 to 13226
Ontario part 1 Reels 13226 to 13237
Ontario part 2 Reels 13237 to 13250
Ontario part 3 Reels 13251 to 13270
Ontario part 4 Reels 13270 to 13282
Manitoba, British Columbia and
the Western Territories
Reels 13282 to 13286

Usually city and town names are included as sub-district names or as census district names. However, Prince Edward Island constitutes a special case, as for this province the 1881 Canadian Census officials used lot numbers rather than city, town, village or other community names as the basis of geographic units.

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