International Microdata Access Group

Guiding Principles:

Guiding principles are an important corollary to the Mission Statement since they speak directly to the manner in which the group conducts its activities. A draft of these will accompany the draft Mission Statement circulated to attendees for consideration. 
  • work and make decisions co-operatively and collaboratively 
  • exchange information regularly 
  • respect cultural differences 
  • observe jurisdictional confidentiality standards 
  • preserve all relevant data and documentation 

Examples of Guiding Principles in Action

  • all IMAG members have a veto on matters of substance 
  • unique variables or response values will not be obscured in an effort to achieve international comparability 
  • IMAG will construct a website to serve as a collaboratory where members can work together and share information and ideas 
  • IMAG will create a globally encompassing and dynamic database model 

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