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This draft historical census bibliography has been compiled by Carol Martin as an IMAG initiative. The emphasis of this collection is on the historical census and methods. This bibliography provides a brief summary of the topics discussed in each article, along with the census years and countries mentioned. 

The majority of the items cited below are English-language articles, although our review also included French-language sources and several articles in French have been included in this bibliography. Articles were selected from 19 journals, as follows: 

Archivaria, Canadian Papers in Rural History, Continuity and Change, Histoire sociale-Social History, Historical Methods, Historical Methods Newsletter, Journal of Urban History, Journal of Interdisciplinary History, Journal of Historical Sociology, Journal of Women's History, Population and Development Review, Population Studies, Revue d'Histoire de l'Amérique Française, Social Research, Social Science History, Sociological Review, The Economic History Review, The Professional Geographer, Urban History Yearbook.

Work is ongoing, and we expect to update this list periodically, with the next planned revision in June, 2000. We are currently working to include a series of conference papers and have consulted AHL (America: History And Life) to identify a list of potential articles for future inclusion. At a later stage we also expect to include more books.

C. Martin & L. Dillon
University of Ottawa
Last Update: May 3, 2000.

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