The information collected here is important for the management of data entry of 1852 Canadian census data. The information you enter here will authenticate you as a member of our volunteer team and will add you to our liste of volunteers. At the same time, we ask you to wait a few weeks before beginning to enter census data. In order to offer our volunteers a personalized service, the PRDH limits the number of active volunteers who are working on the data at the same time. We will contact you very soon to advise you that your status as a volunteer has been activated, and at that time you will have access to our servers to download both the data entry software as well as the census images. We provide one “lot” (or page-worth) of census images at a time.

Please note that the information you record here will also allow us to communicate with you to answer questions, to follow the progress of data entry as well as record your contribution to the project. The PRDH assures you of the confidentiality of the information submitted here and will not share this information with outside parties.

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