welcomes you to our team of volunteers responsible for completing data entry of the 1852 Census of Canada West and Canada East. This project will complete the 20% sample of the 1852 Canadian Census which was created by the PRDH between 2004 and 2006 with funding from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation. This sample, which includes more than 259,000 persons, has also been cleaned and coded by the PRDH. Name searches on this 20% sample can be conducted using our 1852 census data browser.

A 100% transcription of the 1852 Canadian census will facilitate research on a broader number of topics and will be of particular value for genealogical research. As a result, we have developed this web-based system for the data entry of the remaining 80% of the 1852 Canadian census. In order to serve the research needs of both genealogists and academic researchers, the PRDH is asking volunteering who participate in our project to transcribe all the variables included on each census manuscript page. Ultimately, we will be able to offer a complete nominal index which will allow name searches on all persons recorded in the surviving 1852 census manuscripts, searches which are similar in character to those which are already available for the 1881 Census of Canada.

To register as a member of our volunteer data entry team, please complete this form; upon submitting this form, you will be automatically added to our list of volunteers. In order to offer a personalized service to each volunteer, the PRDH must limit the number of volunteers who are actively working on the 1852 census each week. We will contact each volunteer within a short period of time to request your active participation.